Upside-Down Magic: Showing Off

co-authored by Sarah Mlynowski and Lauren Myracle.

Upside-Down Magic is shaking up the Dunwiddle Magic School talent show! When the Show Off contest puts Nory, Pepper, Bax and their Upside-Down Magic friends up against the Sparkies, things might get really, really messy.  

Will Pepper fierce all the animals during the performance?

Will Nory turn into a flamingo-kitten?

Will Bax turn into a swivel chair?

Can Eliott unfreeze his guitar?

 It’s a rock-and-roll comedy adventure. 


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Read an Excerpt:

Today, after math, Nory slid her protractor into her desk. Her friend Andres Padillo was floating on the ceiling, attached to a long leash connected to his belt, as usual. Andres was an Upside-Down Flyer. He’d flown up up up on the day his magic came in , and he had never flown down. That’s why he had to be on a leash. He couldn’t stop flying.

Nory had an idea she’d been wanting to try. “Pull Andres down,” she told Elliott. “Hey, Andres! Let’s do a gravity experiment. I’m going to sit on you, okay?”

Marigold Ramos came over. “We’re going to sit on Andres?”

“I’m not sure about this,” muttered Andres, as Elliott reeled him down.

“You’ll be fine!” Nory said. “It’s for science!” To Marigold, she added in a whisper, “Don’t shrink him.”

Marigold wasn’t an upside-down anything. Or at least, no one had ever been able to put a label on her magic. She shrank things, but she couldn’t make them big again, afterward.

Andres was now floating level with the desks. He grabbed onto the back of a chair with one hand, and onto Elliott’s shirt with the other. Elliott struggled with the leash, trying to keep him low. Andres’s feet kept floating up.

Nory hopped onto a chair. She pulled Marigold up with her. “I’ll sit on his shoulders. Marigold, you sit on his back. And Andres, we’re going to try and weigh you down. But maybe you’ll fly us up, instead. Either way will be excellent, okay?”

“You might hit your heads on the ceiling,” warned Andres.

 “Students!” Ms. Starr said, walking over. “What in the world is going on?”

“An experiment, Ms. Starr,” said Andres. Nory and Marigold were sitting on him, but he hadn’t lowered down to the floor. He was just about two feet off the ground, with Elliott still holding the leash, tightly.

“Girls, there will be no riding of Andres.”

“But it’s a science experiment,” said Marigold.

“Yes,” Nory said. “We’re learning about gravity!”

Ms. Starr made her mouth into a stern shape. “Gravity is very interesting,” she said, “but friends do not ride friends. Not even if you have permission. You all know that about Fluxers, right? You don’t ride your fluxed classmates. And you don’t ride your Flyer classmates either. So please. Marigold, Nory, Elliott. Let Andres go.”

Nory and Marigold climbed off of Andres, reluctantly. Elliott released the leash slowly and Andres bobbed back up to the ceiling. “Sorry, Andres,” Nory called, as her friend steadied himself against the top of a bookshelf.

Andres was laughing too hard to reply.