As a freelance writer, I primarily review picture books for the New York Times Book Review, but from 1998 -2002 I worked as a magazine writer and critic.  Below are links to some of my stories.   

From the New York Times Book Review:



From Salon:

I wrote for Salon pretty intensely for more than a year; many of the articles are listed below. A more complete list can be found here, however.

Madonna the Conformist is an evisceration of Mr. Peabody's Apples, The English Roses, and celebrity children's books in general.

Who really wrote the Nancy Drew books? An essay on Carolyn Keene.

I Was A Captive of Xanth -- that is, the cheesy-yet-fabulous fantasy series by Piers Anthony.

There's Something About Jane looks at a rash of Jane Austen imitators, and explains why they should just leave well enough alone.

The Sensitive Bond examines why teenage girls love James Bond and why Ian Fleming was an equal opportunity voyeur.

Mini-Shakespeares and Kitty Cat Bookends looks at the wacky world of reading kitsch.

A Shot of the Needful, an essay on Salon, considers fandom, P.G. Wodehouse, and the reading life.

From The Village Voice:

I used to write quite a bit for The Village Voice. Check out their site for book reviews and author profiles. My favorite things I did for them are: a profile of Dalton Conley, a friend of mine and the author of Honky, a book that deals with his childhood as a white boy growing up in a predominantly African-American and Latino housing project.  And "Separation Anxiety" reviews two books about conjoined twins, and speculates on why people assume one head is better than two.