Small Medium Large
a picture book about relative sizes

Bogacki; Starbright Books, 2011.

The colorful, lively characters in Small Medium Large will captivate young readers as they discover the wonderful world of relative sizes, classification and measurement䴊 all important stepping stones to learning early math skills.

Small, Medium, Large and all their friends: Extra Large, Huge, Enormous and Teeny-weeny, Itty-bitty, Miniscule and other delightful creatures come to life to join Colossal in this super-sized adventure in learning, featuring a dynamic double gatefold that can hardly contain all the fun!

Emily Jenkins and Tomek Bogacki previously collaborated on Five Creatures, Daffodil, Daffodil Crocodile and the Bea & HaHa books. Visit the Starbright Books site to look inside the book!