Toy Dance Party
Being the Further Adventures of a Bossy-Boots Stingray, a Courageous Buffalo, and a Hopeful Round Someone Called Plastic

a book of stories; illustrations by Paul O. Zelinsky; Random House/Schwartz & Wade, Fall 2008


Lumphy, StingRay and Plastic are back. In this sequel to Toys Go Out, the trio finds that their little girl has left for winter vacation – without them.

As the girl starts to grow up and give her attention to silent Barbies and sleepovers, the three best friends must join together to brave a blizzard, save the toy mice from the vacuum, go to the movies, make pink milk and throw an all-out dance party with the washing machine.


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Picture book companion to the series:  Toys Meet Snow.

What People Say about Toy Dance Party



"Even more tender than its predecessor, these six related stories skillfully capture the bittersweet challenges of childhood independence….Witty dialogue and humorous scenes enhance these well-developed characters, as the friends realize their cherished girl’s growing fondness for Barbies and sleepovers takes precedence over her once-favored toys. … Zelinsky’s superlative black-and-white drawings never fail to bring warmth and depth to these chapters….Poignant and compelling, this sequel sparkles."            -Kirkus, starred review




"Jenkins continues the adventures of Lumphy, Stingray, and Plastic, which began in Toys Go Out. This charming fantasy about friendship explores their feelings and fears. The Girl who owns them is growing up and they are worried that she is leaving them behind. Telling the story from the point of view of the toys helps children to view these concerns in a nonthreatening light. In six new escapades, the toys learn to stick together and help solve their predicaments.... Zelinsky¹s cleverly detailed black-and-white illustrations are amusing and add to the overall pleasure in the book. Beginning chapter-book readers will enjoy the pace of each episode. Toy Dance Party also makes a great read-aloud."

-School Library Journal